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Are You Looking For An Insurance Claim Specialist For Damages Now?

Insurance contractIf you have just experienced a property damage claim and you do not know what to do, you should look no further. Boyd Contractors will assist you in any way possible because we are an insurance claim specialist for various home damages. Our experience and knowledge in insurance claims coupled by our long-term working relationship with insurers and adjusters warrants our claims service. We will guide you through your insurance claim for damages in areas including windows, roofing and siding, caused by water, wind, hail and fire among other elements.

There are things that should be done and things that should not be done after you have had a claim. To ensure your claim is paid, you have to comply with the policy’s terms and conditions. First of all, you should notify your insurer immediately to begin the claims process for any damaged area of your home that’s covered by insurance. Before the insurer adjuster assigned to your claim visits your home, you should have a detailed inventory of the damaged area in order to be paid fully. Boyd Contractors understands that this part of the claim is a difficult and challenging undertaking. Our specialist team will help you create a list for everything you are claiming with complete descriptions. If areas such as roofing and windows are severely damaged, we will help you secure the property and prevent additional damage before finding a temporary house to live in.

Why choose our insurance claims service

Boyd Contractors will ease your insurance claim process. We take care of all the hassles associated with dealing with adjusters and insurers. Our insurance claim specialist for damages will handle all supplements for claims, phone and email correspondence and invoicing. We will offer one-on-one personalized advice and suggestions aimed at ensuring the claims process runs smoothly. Once you have provided us with the insurance adjuster’s contact information, we will schedule an appointment to look at your damaged roofing, windows, siding or another area of your home. If you have us at the initial meeting with your adjuster, we will make sure your home is properly assessed and the scope of the repairs is accurate.

Once the property insurance claim steps are complete, you will be informed of the estimate of the repair costs. We will review this information for accuracy and make sure scope of the repairs is current with market pricing. Our service will ensure your loss is handled quickly and efficiently to save you time and money. Furthermore, with our help, your roofing or window damage claim may be paid within shorter duration.

The length of time it takes to settle a claim differs depending on the extent of the loss and your insurance company. However, we will maintain contact with your insurer to check the status of your claim. Since we will have conducted an assessment of the damage suffered and determined the appropriate repairs, we will begin working immediately to restore your home to its former beauty.

Why choose Boyd Contractors

Boyd Contractors is a fair, honest and reputable contractor who can help with claiming any damaged area of your home if its insured. We are properly insured and bonded and our service record speaks for itself. We are approved by insurers and adjusters as a company qualified and experienced with dealing with the parameters of roofing, siding and window insurance claims. Due to our great relationship with insurers and adjusters, we will have no problem negotiating and agreeing about the cost of repairs. By doing so, we will make sure you don’t get stuck paying additional costs.

We adhere to strict standards of craftsmanship not because its demanded by the law but because its who we are. We will make sure you are completely satisfied with the restorations and the job has been completed before the final payment is made. Boyd Contractors does not just get the work done. We carefully analyze every aspect of the project by considering your needs and demands. Moreover, we make sure the repairs are done correctly and on time. If previously unseen roofing, siding or window damage is discovered while repairs are in progress, we will work with the adjuster who will review and amend your claim as needed.

Our commitment to excellent customer service and “second to none” home improvement services sets us apart from our competitors.

Boyd Contractors are ready and willing

What are you waiting for? Call us now for an insurance claim consultation. One of our damage insurance claims specialist will free you from your damage claims turmoil. We will take good care of you.