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Boyd Contractors Window Replacement

Window Replacement in Flower Mound, TXWindow replacement is one of the most substantial and effective investments you can make to improve your home. Replacing an old, under-performing window effectively reduces your utility bills and lends your home extra curb appeal. When replacing windows you have many options to choose from, and it’s important the installation is done right. As a homeowner you want your windows to be draft-free for many years to come, which requires both quality windows and quality installation.

When you call Boyd Contractors to have your windows replaced, you will find our employees are among the most competent in the business. Unlike other companies, all of our workers and employees and covered by Workers Compensation Insurance to protect you and them. You will also find our employees are fully trained to expertly install all the window products we work with. However, our work starts long before installation. Before commencing work, we will painstakingly inspect the existing structure in order to ensure there are no issues that might crop up in the future. Only after we are certain we fully understand the specific needs of your home will we proceed with construction.

Benefits of Window Replacement

There are many excellent reasons to replace the windows in your home. You may simply desire to improve the view from the inside of the house, and the appearance of your house when seen from the street. In this case, new windows will enhance both the exterior and the interior beauty of your house — they will freshen up the look of your home and update its style. Seen from the perspective of a visitor or potential buyer, window replacement significantly improves your home’s look.

Seen from the inside, new windows allow in more natural light, add to the room’s decor, and make looking outside that much more pleasant. It’s amazing to see how much a window upgrade enhances the view of your neighborhood or your yard.

There is also much to recommend new windows when you look at things in practical terms. Window replacement has a number of cost-savings and functional benefits — your house uses less energy with new windows, and window replacements tend to function better. After all, old windows tend to wear down over time. Many will not lock as well as they should, and can compromise the security of your home. Replacement windows, on the other hand, lock shut securely and keep your home safe.

Possibly the most compelling reason to replace your windows is energy savings. Modern windows will cut down on the amount of energy required to cool your home in the summer and heat your home in the winter, as they are much better at insulating than older window designs. New windows also seal properly, which eliminates chilly winter drafts and helps prevent the cool air in your home from leaking out during the summer. High-tech materials (such as argon gas in between pains, and low E glass) combined with professional installation can reduce household energy bills by 7 – 15%, according to

In other words, replacement windows can often pay for themselves over time.

From the perspective of a homeowner, you will find our approach to window replacement is hassle-free. Thanks to our window installation and maintenance expertise, we can assess everything that will be required to replace the windows in your home before we start work, and determine ahead of time if any mitigating measures are needed to prevent trouble years down the line. This means that when we do start work, our technicians and workers know exactly what to do, and there is minimum disruption of your lifestyle.

Why Choose Boyd Contractors for Window Replacement?

When you contact Boyd Contractors, we can discuss the different styles and replacement window materials available for your home, and give you estimates on the cost of using each. We can consult with you on your budget and give you answers to the questions you have about window replacement. We will always provide you with recommendations we stand behind — we want you to be ecstatic with your new windows.

Unlike some contractors which approach window replacement with minimal training, all our window replacement technicians are thoroughly trained to work with all the window products we install. When we come in, we will first check every detail of your existing structure. Then, after taking care of any potential issues that could crop up years later, we will install your new windows to the highest specifications.

It’s easy for you to start experiencing the benefits of new windows. Simply pick up the phone and call Boyd Contractors now. We will be delighted to answer any questions you may have, and come out and give you an estimate with no obligation or cost.